The football club Internacional de Granada was born due to the successful initiative of its founders. It began as an International mixed group of boys and girls from multiple nationalities (Spain, England, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, Holland & the USA) to play football in their free time and already has 240 people currently.

Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, the club began its competitive journey in the Third Andalusian Female Senior category in 2020, consisting of players from more than ten different nationalities.

Currently, the club has several teams for its first season: competition, senior promotion, and promotion of lower categories—all the teams registered under the federation.

The club has made playing football easily accessible for everyone in the town. Even today, anyone who wants to play football can Join the mixed development group of the club and play every Friday evening in the Miguel Pietro field.

Soon, the club will be launching its training programs in different educational centers and sports centers in Granada.


PRESIDENT: Juan de Dios Valverde

VICE PRESIDENT: Laetitia Gillard

SECRETARY: María José Mesa

TREASURER: Daniel Bautista


PHOTOGRAPHER: María Navarro (Instagram: @emeka_photos)