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How and where to play football in Granada ?

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By Kaushik Ganesh

Do you love playing football and are you new to the city of Granada? Relocating to a new city and continuing the things you love doing is never easy and when it comes to playing football it is even more difficult as there come a lot of problems & you might be wondering,

Where do I play football in Granada? Can I find enough people to play? How to reserve a football field in Granada? 

And on top of all this, if you don’t speak Spanish, it will be a very tedious task to organize & play.

Your head must be spinning thinking of all these and made you think of giving up on the idea of ​​playing football, but now that you have found us, you don’t have to worry at all.

“Play football in Granada with our international football community without worrying about the hassle of organizing a game.

CF Internacional de Granada, Your football community in Granada

We are a community of footballers in Granada. Years ago, we faced these problems & were frustrated and decided to make playing football in Granada easily accessible for everyone in the town. As a result, our community was born. Our football community consists of more than 100 members comprised of men & women in all age groups from 24 different nationalities in Granada. We organize weekly mixed games of football 7s and 11s.

Why play with us?

  • You do not have to worry about organizing 
  • There are always enough players to play with
  • You are registered under the local football federation and provided insurance coverage for the games


What we offer?

  • Weekly games to fit your schedule
  • You play all games on a quality field with balls & bibs provided
  • Experience international footballing culture, playing & meeting people from different countries, and socializing after the game.


Would you like to play football with people from all over the world in Granada, have fun, play good football, and socialize after the games?

You can join our next game by reserving your spot by reaching out to us at,

+34 677158941 via phone or WhatsApp

We are excited to play with you. #play football in Granada 

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